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Suppose that 2500 kg of TNT explode from a distance of only 49 metres

In 2013, the development of blast-resistant glazing for the Austrian nuclear research centre in Seibersdorf was started. From 2014, we have been committed to developing a slim, lightweight and non-spall glass pane to satisfy the stringent requirements of the blast resistance class ER4-NS compliant with DIN EN 13541. At the same time, it had to be designed to meet also the stringent requirements of the ballistic resistance class according to EN 1063. Such blast-tests can be conducted as free-range tests or using the so-called shock tube test method.

  • SICURTEC® selected the German Federal Armed Forces as test facility, where tests were carried out over a 6-month period.

  • The enormous pressure exerted on the glass pane was as follows: peak positive pressure (pr) = 233 kPa (equivalent to 23 tons/m2), impulse (i+) = 3200 Pas, positive pressure duration (t+) = 52 ms