Safety glass for personal and property protection

Personal and property protection - Safety glass for personal and property protection
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Maximum security for
people and assets

Promising maximum security is one thing, being able to offer it is another. The safety glasses from SICURTEC® meet exactly this requirements in the area of personal and property protection. Because, the hand-made and application-specific combinable high-security glass with polycarbonate withstands even attacks that are carried out with the most modern means, maximum brutality, and where bulletproof glass breaks through within seconds.

The safety glasses from SICURTEC® thus ensure the three most important things that are relevant in the flied of protecting of people and property:

Maximum protection for people
Maximum protection for people
Maximum protection for property
Maximum protection for property
Subjective feeling of security
Subjective feeling of security

Products in the field of personal
and property protection

The range of safety glasses from SICURTEC® protects against all expected dangers that threaten people and property in our day and age. Due to the variety of products and the free combinability of the products with each other, the safety glasses from SICURTEC® prove to be the optimal solution for industries and range of application of various kinds.

The ultra-thin and ultra-light safety glass with polycarbonate
Product details
The safety glass with polycarbonate for maximum burglary protection
Product details
The safety glass with polycarbonate for emergency exits, panic doors and escape doors
Product details
The particularly thin bulletproof safety glass with polycarbonate
Product details
The explosive-proof safety glass with polycarbonate
Product details
Multi-layer polycarbonate-acrylic-glass composite for various applications
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The most modern and safest alarm glass
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All SICURTEC® product lines in the field of personal and property protection can be freely combined with each other and equipped with numerous options, such as alarm glass, fire protection glass, insulating glass etc. Special solutions are also possible.

SICURTEC® stands for worldwide
security with 360° service

SICURTEC® stands for worldwide security. This also applies to product quality and service quality. Starting with personal and individual advice from our experts through flawless production to on-time delivery worldwide, customers can rely on a relaxed and safe process.
Security with 360° service

A high-security glass that
is not only safe

SICURTEC® produces its handmade safety glasses on the basis of an in-house developed process. The result is crystal-clear, stress-free units that meet the highest requirements in terms of attack resistance and also guarantee maximum safety where the laminated glass industry reaches its limits with conventional bulletproof glass.

The most important advantages of SICURTEC® safety glass products at a glance:
  • Certified according to all current standards and resistance levels
  • 40% thinner, 60% lighter and safer than bulletproof glass
  • Combinable with all SICURTEC® products
  • Multifunctionality through numerous additional options
  • Beyond the maximum sizes of the laminated glass industry
  • 100% color neutrality & 100% UV protection
  • Hand-made
  • Special sizes possible & special shapes possible (e.g. curved)

Safety glasses for personal and property protection in practice

Parliament Vienna
Swiss Cantonal Police (Bremgarten, Rheinfelden, Klingau, etc.)
German Embassy Peru (Lima) and Italy (Rome)
Tiffany - Dior - Cartier
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Cutting system

Fixed-size cuts on our
own cutting system

If one wants to be closer to the customer, one also has to be able to react quickly. SICURTEC® offers precisely this advantage with its own plate storage and the individual, electronically controlled cutting system with an integrated optimization program.

This enables us to cut our Makrolon and Lexan polycarbonate sheets to the desired dimensions quickly and precisely. You benefit from particularly short production cycles, extremely short delivery times and the option of picking them up at our plant in Amstetten.

Fixed-size cuts on our
own cutting system

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