Proven machine safety window with longer replacement intervals

Machine safety windows in comparison
SICURTEC_AIR - Proven machine safety window with longer replacement intervals SICURTEC_AIR

Polycarbonate and silicate glass with air gap for protection against chemical influences

SICURTEC_AIR viewing windows, made of highly-resistant and highly-elastic polycarbonate as well as extremely hard silicate glass, offer particular protection against chemical influences.

The polycarbonate effectively protects employees and inventory against workpieces or fragments that are thrown out of the work area in the event of an accident. However, it is susceptible to chemical influences such as coolants or lubricants. For this reason, SICURTEC_AIR includes extremely hard silicate glass which protects the polycarbonate from these chemical influences. The name of the product results from an air gap between glass and polycarbonate that characterizes this solution. Although it is a more conventional technology, it convinces with its attractive price and the effectiveness that has been proven many times.

Polycarbonate and silicate glass with air gap for protection against chemical influences
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Our viewing windows for machine tools are tested, certified and have a lot more advantages to offer

Standards and recommendations

Important standards

A machine safety window far beyond the norm

SICURTEC® machine safety windows were developed to push the limits of puncture resistance further up. The relevant standards only serve SICURTEC® as a guide. In fact, the relevant characteristics of SICURTEC® products are in some cases far above the level set by standards.

  • EN ISO 23125 (EN 12415 lathes)
  • EN 12417 (machining centres)
  • EN 13218 (grinding centres)
  • The standard for lathes EN ISO 23125 ends at 8,000 joules, SICURTEC® builds elements that have been tested up to over 16,000 joules.
Standards in detail (PDF)

Replacement info

The fact is: Machine safety windows can lose their retention capacity. They become brittle. The unprotected contact with cooling lubricants and unsuitable cleaning agents speeds up the process many times over. It is therefore necessary to protect the polycarbonate. The graphic below clearly shows how this protection affects the longevity.

Window replacement every 5 years

Laminated polycarbonate safety glass, gluing in a stainless steel frame or edge protection with aluminum tape or NBR rubber profiles protect polycarbonate against rapid aging. Nevertheless, the German BIA as well as the VDW and IWF recommend to replace machine safety windows after 5 years. Pure polycarbonate windows at least every 2 years!

When to replace windows immediately:

  • Deformation (bulging) of the polycarbonate due to an impact 
  • Leaky edge seal
  • Coolant is between the various components
  • Destruction or damage to one of the window sides
Ageing of polycarbonate
  • Ideal for all high-speed machine tools
  • Tested and certified according to all relevant standards
  • Protects employees from serious injuries
  • Protects the inventory from costly damage
  • Perfect view of all manufacturing processes
  • Available in various sizes
  • Special solutions possible
  • Perfect protection against chemical influences
  • Particularly durable compared to pure polycarbonate
  • Less mirror effects than pure polycarbonate
  • Window replacement every 5 years instead of every 2 years
Frame systems and seals

Frame systems for perfect sealing of the machine safety window

Chemical influences, such as contact with cooling lubricants, can cause considerable damage to machine safety windows. Unless, for example, the window with glass is glued into a stainless steel frame. As a all-round provider, we provide you with three standard frame profiles with L, Z and S profiles. Due to the product flexibility, all three profile types can be adapted to any pane thickness according to the desired retention effect. Same applies to frames, which are developed by us especially to customer requirements and which are produced as already glued and finished elements.

Frame system with L-profile
Frame system with L-profile
Frame system with Z profile
Frame system with Z profile
Frame system with S-profile
Frame system with S-profile
Frame system on customer request
Frame system on customer request

Further edge protection

Are you using an existing frame profile? No problem. The options NBR and ALU are compatible with every frame profile.

NBR rubber profile
Aluminum tape edge protection
Special solutions

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Spin windows
Spin windows provide an extra clear view of the manufacturing process. As general representative of ROTOCLEAR, SICURTEC® not only implements the high-quality spin windows in the machine safety windows, but also offers them individually. The same applies to VISIPORT products.
Forms and downloads

Information to download in PDF format

Intake Form Machine Tool Safety Windows PDF
Cleaning of Polycarbonate PDF
User Manual
Safety windows for machine tools

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