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SICURTEC® develops with SICURTEC_SHIELD the alternative to Lexgard and Hygard. Successful bullet test according to US standard UL 752 for levels 1, 3 and 6 completed.

Discover SICURTEC_SHIELD compound
The multi-layer plastic composite made of polycarbonate / acrylic glass (PMMA)

As a long-time specialist for the lamination of glass and polycarbonate, we have been asked many times to also manufacture or offer Lexgard from GE-Plastics or Makrolon-Hygard from Bayer MaterialScience GmbH, as these products are often in demand, but are apparently difficult to obtain on the european market.

It is a composite of multi-layer polycarbonate sheets, possibly also with acrylic glass or PMMA core. Due to the lack of soda-lime glass, such composites are absolutely splinter-free on both sides, even with the most severe impacts (burglary, ballistics, stone chips, explosion, etc.). Areas of application for such special plastic composites are those where glass breakage is to be avoided, e.g. Protective visors, front and side windows for safety vehicles, construction machinery, forestry machines such as harvesters (danger of chain shots), special applications in machine tool constructions, containment glazing (protective containers and encapsulations), etc.

The product advantages are obvious:

  • low weight
  • excellent optical quality
  • absorbs all energy without splintering
  • abrasion and chemical resistant surface by special coating
  • optimal UV protection

In autumn 2019 we decided to work on the development and in December we completed successfully the ballistic tests at a German testing institute in accordance with the American Standard UL 752 for resistance level 1 + 3 + 6. This standard is strong based on the european DIN EN 1063, class BR2-NS to BR4-NS, but with aggravated conditions (5 shots).