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sicurTEC sets new standards

In 2011, SICURTEC® successfully passed all tests required for panic glazing. The tests included the previous standard ENV 1627ff:1999, meaning the resistance levels WK2, WK3 and WK4, panic glazing and for the newer standard EN 1627ff:2011 for classifications RC2, RC3 and RC4 panic.

The previously tested RC2-panic glazing was a glass-polycarbonate laminate with a thickness of 16mm and a weight of 29 kg/m². Upon request, it was also designed to meet the requirements of the burglary resistance classes P6B compliant with EN 356. According to the standard this additional feature was not absolutely necessary as with RC2 panic it only stipulates the minimum requirement of P4A, which means impact resistance in compliance with EN 356. The RC2-panic glazing that we have recently developed and tested with a thickness of 16 mm and a weight of 35 kg/m² has a different structure, enables the system’s conformity with impact resistance P4A and is lower cost. Both RC2 variants are still available, depending on whether a RC2 with P6B or RC2 with P4A qualification is required.

Developed in 2011, the successfully tested RC3-panic glazing had a thickness of 36 mm and a weight of approx. 68 kg/m². However, it was an extremely complicated 9-layer glass-polycarbonate structure (including intermediate layers), which was laborious to produce and as a result expensive. After several months of development it was possible to reduce it to a 6-layer glass-polycarbonate structure, which passed the test successfully. The new RC3-panic glazing is only 28 mm thick and weighs 52 kg/m². Hence, not only a considerable reduction in thickness and weight but also a significantly lower price could be achieved.

For this "mammoth class" we used to provide an insulation glass element with a thickness of approx. 65 mm and a weight of 102 kg/m². 14 layers of glass, polycarbonate and polyurethane were necessary for this glazing solution. As a consequence, the price was correspondingly high. The streamlined SICURTEC® RC4-panic glazing consists of only 9 layers, has a thickness of approx. 40 mm and a weight of 68 kg/m². What’s more, it is reasonably priced.

Thanks to these innovations in the sector of panic door glazing, SICURTEC® has added a new dimension to European glass manufacture.