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International system providers fit their doors with SICURTEC® glazing

According to DIN EN 1627 ff:2011, an emergency escape door with a panic exit device, meaning glass and frame-system, represents a complete structure. 
Thus, not only the glass must withstand attacks in such a way that the door cannot be opened by puncturing or reaching through using certain toolsets within a specified time, but it must also be guaranteed that it is not possible to create such an opening between glass and frame. When it comes to glazing solutions, international manufacturers of profile systems as well as windows and doors, whether these are made from steel, aluminium or wood, have been cooperating 
with SICURTEC® for many years. In 2016, we were pleased to count another system provider among our customers.

The decisive advantage: Installing RC-tested SICURTEC® security glazing eliminates the need for testing with regard to opening through puncturing or reaching through, e.g. by inserting a screwdriver with the aim of operating the inside panic latch. During the simulated burglary attempts the testing centres focus their attention on the glass connection, i.e. on trying to open the frame-system and remove the glass pane.